Propagating and disseminating the basic contents of the International Convention and Vietnamese law on civil and political Rights

Thursday - 11/05/2023 15:08 3091
(BP Portal) - On 08/5, the People's Committee issued the Plan No.153/KH-UBND to promote propaganda and disseminate the basic contents of the 2023 International Covenant on Civil, political and legal rights in Binh Phuoc province.

The promulgation of such plans with a view to effectively implement the law dissemination and education work; Effective deployment of Plan 252/KH-UBND of 28/07/2021 by the Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of Decision no.1252 / QD-TTG of 26.09/2019 by the Prime Minister and the recommendations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Binh Phuoc province.

Through the contents of this plan, continue to disseminate the basic contents of the International Covenant on Civil and political Rights and Vietnamese laws on civil and political rights to the groups of officials, public servants and people in the provinces; Tied to the provincial political tasks of 2023. Through this timely dissemination of new documents and policies through 2022 and 2023, fostering the spirit, the responsibility for self-study and understanding the laws of citizens; The obligation to learn law, educate political, ethical, lifestyle and pioneer the example of cadres and party members so as to create a fundamental transformation in the perception and sense of observance and observance of law among their cadres, party members and people in the provinces.

The provincial People's Committee requests the activities set out in conformity with the party's views, policies and laws; Close to the target, required in accordance with plan 252/KH-UBND of 28/07/2021. At the same time, clearly define the contents of the managing units and responsibilities; Combine these plan implementation activities with other programs, projects and plans being implemented at agencies and units in order to use savings and maximize the resources.

The Departments, departments, branches, provincial groups, and the People’s Committee grants the district based on the tasks assigned in Plan No. 252/KH-UBND dated 28/7/2021 of the provincial People’s Committee organises propaganda, disseminating, fostering, training on political civil rights for the team of law-reported journalists, legal propaganda, officials, officials, staff, teachers teaching legal subjects, the education of schools in the national and people’s education system.

The District-level People’s Committee directs relevant rooms, relevant committees, commune-level People’s Committee organises legal knowledge on civil and political rights for reputable people in the community, village leaders, townhouses, mediators at the base./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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