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(BP Portal) - On the afternoon of 22/3, Party Central Committee Commissioner, Secretary of Provincial Committee Binh Phuoc- Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong works with the Party Committee, Directorate and key officials of the Department of Industry and Trade on the implementation of the task of the first 2 months and direction and tasks of the remaining months in 2023. Vice President of the Provincial People’s Committee- Mr. Huynh Anh Minh and head of departments and industry attending the work session.

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Delegates attending the meeting

In the early months of 2023, the trade industry continued to implement a number of synchronized enterprise support measures, stepping up administrative reforms, and improving its management efficiency through which the sector's objectives and mandates were fulfilled. Results: Industrial index for the same period in 2022 increased by 0.76%; The total retail level of goods and consumer service revenue reached more than VND12,000 billion, an increase of 25.59% over the same period in 2022; Exports totaled over $551 million, an increase of 6.43%; Imports totaled over $290 million, an increase of 6.64% over the same period in 2022.

At the work session, the representatives of the trade and industry clarified to the working group the contents of: industrial infrastructure; Industrial development; Commercial and service infrastructure; Business promotion, energy management...

The vice chairmen of the provincial People's Committee- Mr. Huynh Anh Minh said the programs run by industry and industry should be integrated and coordinated well in the implementation to achieve efficiency. The branches need to review the industrial field plans so that the provincial chiefs, so as to ensure their compatibility with the socio-economic development plans and the provincial plans; Stepping up trade...

The party central Committee member, the party secretary- Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong has stressed that the industry and trade should be highly aware of the importance and influence of the province's development. Therefore, it should be possible for sector development to be dynamic, suitable to its importance and contribute to the overall development of the province.

Conclusions and projects related to the industry need to be drastically, synchronized, effective. To develop industry, transport infrastructure must connect, manpower, industrial infrastructure must synchronize. Factors related to industry, industry must be proactive on a synchronous basis, clear assessment, reporting the Provincial People’s Committee, Permanent Provincial Committee. For the commercial infrastructure sector, the industry needs to review the market infrastructure, focal markets, trade centers to have a base to work with investors and provincial staff./.

Party Central Committee, Provincial Secretary
Nguyen Manh Cuong

Secretary of Provincial – Mr.Nguyen Manh Cuong suggested that, for the development of the market, trade promotion, the industry must promote coordination of promotion activities, brand development, enterprise support. Departments and sectors must strengthen coordination with the industry in building raw materials zones, digital transformation…

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