40 Enterprises survey investment projects at Binh Phuoc

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(BP Portal) - In the framework of the activities of the Ho Chi Minh City Symposium on Economic and Social Development Cooperation in the Southeast region, Binh Phuoc province on the morning 17/3, about 40 enterprises and investors in Ho Chi Minh City surveyed and studied projects that invite investment in the Becamex – Binh Phuoc Industrial (Chon Thanh town) and the industrial area of Minh Hung - Sikico in Hon Quan District.
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Business delegation, investors of Ho Chi Minh City surveyed at Becamex Industrial Park - Binh Phuoc
In Becamex – Binh Phuoc Industrial Area, companies have been introduced on industrial parks by an equity company to develop technical infrastructure Becamex – Binh Phuoc - Technical infrastructure, service infrastructure and social infrastructure; The utilities and the industrial zone's role in socio-economic development of the province.

The Becamex – Binh Phuoc industrial zone, which covers a total area of 4,600 ha, has invested in industrial development since 2015 and has attracted 56 projects from many countries and territories around the world. Of these, 19 projects are already in operation, many are under construction and investment procedures.

Businesses and investors from Ho Chi Minh City have learned about the policy of attracting investment, industry groups are calling for investment, wastewater treatment problems, labor response, filling schedule and land rent in Industrial zone. In particular, investors and real estate club Ho Chi Minh City are very interested in land fund for social housing development, cooperation mechanisms for enterprises to invest in social housing development in Industrial Park.

At Minh Hung-Sikico Industrial Park, the survey delegation, practical tour of infrastructure, subdivisions and projects have gone into operation and are being invested in construction.

Representative of Minh Hung-Sikico Industrial Park said: Industrial Park covers an area of 665 ha, total investment of about VND3.400 billion. Currently, Industrial Park has been invested in fairly synchronous infrastructure and attracted 40 projects, with a total capital of about USD 700 million, the filling rate of about 50%. This is also a multidisciplinary Industrial Park, with many advantages of location, connecting traffic, long time of land use (by 2066), abundant labor, so it is increasingly attractive to the head.

At the work session, enterprises, investors think that the infrastructure of Industrial Zones is quite good, land is wide … Enterprises also learn more about the policy of attracting investment of Industrial Zones and especially interested in local human resources, especially skilled technical workers. The enterprises said, through the survey, there have been many investment opportunities and desire to receive good cooperation from Industrial Zone as well as the interest and conditions of provincial leaders, district H and provincial departments and branches in real investment projects later.

The issues of interest were answered by the leaders of Industrial Zones, the provincial economic zone management and localities, and answered at the work session./.
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