Strategies for developing the mechanization of agriculture and processing of agricultural, forest and aquatic resources in the province

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(BP Portal) - The Provincial People's Committee has issued Plan no.75/KH-UBND of 06/3/2023 on the implementation of development strategy for the mechanization of agriculture, forestry and fisheries processing by 2030 in the province.

This strategy is aimed at developing the mechanization of synchronized agriculture and the processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic resources in infrastructures, machinery, equipment and investment conditions suitable to the scale and levels of production of each region of production and local production, including priority being given to areas producing goods, concentration, focal point and the goods sector with high value added goods, value chain production and regional links.

The provincial People's Committee requires the development of mechanization to be linked to the process of restructuring the new agricultural and rural production in the direction of raising the value added and sustainable development associated with the value chain through models of cooperation and coordination of production organization; Agricultural production is clean, safe, organic, circulation, high technology and primary processing, preservation, processing and consumption of products.

Encourage and attract economic sectors, especially private sectors, to participate in investment and the development of mechanization of agriculture in the province. Taking the opportunity from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitization, automation, to develop mechanization of agriculture in a modern, intelligent, efficient and sustainable direction, and adapt its production forces, and mode of production.

The orientation for the development of mechanisation with the main goods sectors: fields of cultivation, all stitches from soil making, cultivation, care (irrigation, injection, grass making), harvesting, preliminary processing and post-harvest preservation; The animal husbandry field will focus on food mixing, caring for, giving priority to models of large-scale farm rearing, enclosed farms, hi-tech chain farming, disease safety.

In the preliminary processing and processing of agricultural products, the management and processing of agricultural products: To give priority to enterprises, cooperatives of a large scale, modern scale, advanced technological expertise and capacity, combined with the development of small and medium scale processing, processing and processing establishments in order to create cohesion, coherence and spreading along chains Diversified products, increased deep processing density; Step up the processing of key agricultural products for export and byproducts in agricultural production.

To fulfill the purpose and request the plan to be made, the provincial People's Committee sets out six specific groups of solutions for implementation.

The first, institutional perfection. Inspecting and perfecting the system of legal documents, norms, criteria, economic and technical norms, perfecting research and regulation in management and implementation.

The second, developing agricultural and rural infrastructure; Production organization. The organization of agricultural production regions, concentrated in the direction of the development of the product groups (main national, provincial staples as specialty products in the localities) shall be fully mechanized, suited to the advantages of each region, ensure the supply of sufficient raw materials and connectivity with agricultural products processing zones, trade service zones and tourist zones and regional links.

The third, strengthen research, application, transfer of scientific and technological progress. Increased investment in science and technology for the development of mechanization of agriculture and processed agricultural products. To promote the socialization of scientific and technological research, transfer of technical advances to investment in the development of mechanization and processing of agricultural products.

Fourth, quality training in human resources. To step by step standardize the labor group in controlling the machinery, equipment and technology in service of agricultural production and the processing of agricultural products along the direction of training and training with certificates and diplomatization; To enhance the training of hygiene and safety for the laborers and the use of labor in machinery, equipment, technology and processing of farm products.

Fifth, cooperation and economic integration at home and abroad. To enhance information sharing, exchange of advanced technology experiences, applications and transfer with international organizations and experts with experience in the mechanization of agriculture and agricultural products.

Sixth, credit development in agricultural production. Effective implementation of credit policies in the fields of agriculture and rural areas under the Government's decree on credit policies in service of agricultural and rural development; Diversification of credit products suited to passenger objects./.
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