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(BP Portal) - The Consumer Goods and Services Index (CPI) in 3/2023 rose 0.44% from last month, according to provincial Statistics. Urban areas increased by 0.53%, rural areas by 0.40%.

Of the 11 main consumer goods and services groups, eight rose prices in 3/2023, three falling in price from last month. 8 classes of goods raised by price last month: Food and food services up 0.14 %; Housing, water power, fuel and construction materials increased by 2.92%; Home appliances and appliances grew by 0.27%; Medicine and health services up by 0.14%; Post and telecommunications increased by 0.04%; Education rose by 0.28%; Culture, entertainment and tourism increased by 0.13%; Other goods and services rose 0.18%. Three categories of discounts compared to last month: Beverages and cigarettes dropped by 1.49%; Garments, hats and footwear fell 0.37%; Traffic fell 0.2%.

In the food group price index, an increase of 1.21% in 3/2023 from a month earlier, the rice group price index was up 1.59% cause rice seeds prices increase, export rice increase. During the month, the price of Khang Dan dull rice varies from 15.000-16.000 VND/kg; The price of Xi Deo dull rice is 14.600-17.000 VND/kg; Sticky rice prices typically range from 22.000-22.316 VND/kg.

In terms of food prices, 3/2023 was down 0.81% from last month due to the following items: cattle meat prices fell 1.8% from the previous month, in which pork was down 2.53%; Beef fell by 1.07% due to the slow market consumption following Tet, many industrial kitchens dropped as business struggled to shut down while supply remained increasing. Egg prices of all types fell 3.64% due to reduced demand. Fresh and processed fruits fell by 2.15% due to abundant supply, with the region falling by 7.11%. Besides falling prices, some groups of items have risen such as: Raw aquatic prices rose 0.46% from last month; Fish sauce, dot water 1.69%; Spice increases by 0.23% are due to the increased cost of raw materials, transportation costs.

In terms of the prices for the housing Group and building materials index, a 2.92 % increase in  3/2023 from last month. Proceeding with the price of a number of items in a specific group such as: rented houses are up 5.31% due to the high demand for rent and business and the rising prices of leasing houses; Housing maintenance materials prices rose by 0.85% from the previous month, mainly due to steel prices rising as the prices for inputs to steel production rise; Adjusted gas prices, from 01/3 on, fell VND 15.800 /gas /12kg compared with last month, mostly domestic gas prices depend on the world course.
In 3/2023, adjusting prices for gasoline and oil were made on 01/3, 13/3, 21/3. In 4/2023, oil prices fluctuated slightly during operation 03/4.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, after conducting deductification and not spending on the stabilizing oil and gas fund, the selling prices of consumer petroleum items are as common in the market as follows: Gasoline E5RON92 is no higher than 22.082 DONG/liter (an increase of 60 dong/liter against current retail prices), lower than petrol RON95-III's 1.043 DONG/liter; RON95-III gasoline is no higher than 23,125 dong/liter (up VND 87/liter compared with current retail prices); Diesel oil of 0.05S is no higher than VND 19.430/liter (up from 128 VND/liter above current retail level); Oil is no higher than vND19.037/liter (down VND 425/liter from current retail prices); Mazut oil of 180CST 3.5S is no higher than VND14.429/kg (a drop of VND50/kg from current retail prices).

In 3/2023, gold prices fell 1.31% from the previous month, down 4.04% from the same period in 2022, due to volatility in world gold prices. The U.S. dollar rose from the previous month, with the 3/2023 index of 100.41%, up 0.41% from the previous month and up 3.78% from the same period last year./.
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