Dac Mai Falls

Tuesday - 08/03/2022 09:19 1201
(BP Portal) - Dak Mai barrier across Dak Mai stream, In Bu Gia Map communes, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc provoince.
Thac Dak Mai
This is one of The most beautiful waterfalls of Binh Phuoc, one that blends into the Dak Ke stream, and then flows into the Thac Mo hydroelectric lake.

The Dak Mai falls is about 50m wide and 8 to 10m high. Flanked by bambusa procera, bamboo, bambusoideae, cashew,…they are so green.

The Dak Mai falls have the structure of a complete falls, consisting of a wide waterfall face and a large reservoir. Especially here are two skywells, formed by the swirling force of the water.

During the dry season, visitors can walk on top of the falls. When water is high in the rainy season, the falls look as spectacular as ever./.
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