Loc Ninh press conference on 50th Anniversary of district liberation

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(BP Portal) - On April 4, the Loc Ninh district People's Committee coordinated with the Department of Information and Communication to hold a press conference on the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Loc Ninh District (April 7, 1972 - April 7, 2022) and received a second class independent medal.
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Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the District People's Committee Le Truong Son said at the press conference

Many meaningful Celebrations

At the press conference, the vice President of Ho Quang Khanh district peoples' Committee said the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Loc Ninh district and the reception of the second tier independent medal would take place at 8:30 on 7 April 2022, in Loc Ninh district Political Centre Hall (Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Ninh Thinh quarter, Loc Ninh town, Loc Ninh district), to be broadcast live on Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc’s BPTV1 channel. The ceremony is expected to be attended by the party or State leaders' representatives; to lead a number of ministries and branches at the Central level; Some leaders of the party and state.

At the celebration, the Organizing Committee will announce the decision of the President of the country to donate second-class independent medals to the party, the government and people of the district in Loc Ninh and announce the Prime Minister's decision on the commune or township 'safety zones' in the district.

To respond to the anniversaries, Loc Ninh District also organizes more than 50 activities of practical value, such as: visiting and giving gifts to 689 Vietnamese heroes, war invalids, soldiers and persons with credit for the sum of money 350 million VND; to donate 10 houses totaling 800 million VND to children of households with exceptionally difficult circumstances, poor households and ethnic minority households with good educational achievements; The District Veterans association awarded two friendship houses, for a total of 170 million dong.
Besides, Loc Ninh District shall organize the inauguration of the Loc Hoa social transport road; To upgrade the extension of the Phan Chu Trinh road to connect with national Highway 13; Upgrading road 13B extension from the Chiu Riu junction to the solar project area and annex X16; The Mui Ton Crossroads, Loc Thien commune to Loc Thai. Commune build 14 classrooms, Functional Rooms and multi-purpose dormitories of the Loc Hiep School; To build 7 school and functional rooms, 4 learning Support rooms, halls and multi-purpose learners of Loc Dien A Primary School; To build 10 school rooms, functional rooms and multi-purpose training halls of the Loc Hung school; Construction of the road from the commune Loc Khanh connects the district Route 13 in Loc Ninh.

In addition, Loc Ninh districts meet and sit with men, intellectuals of classes, classes and religions, which make significant contributions to the district's development; To hold public demonstrations of collegiants and individuals outstanding in the competition movement which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the District in Loc Ninh and opened the exhibition entitled "Loc Ninh - Tradition and Development" (April 3-7). It hosts a food festival and performing folk arts of the ethnic brotherhood that live in Loc Ninh every night (from 19:00 to 20:30 days 3-6 April) and in the garden triumphant (Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Ninh Thai quarter, Loc Ninh town, Loc Ninh district). Organizing The Olympics, opening of the Vietnam Games District Sports and the tennis tournaments, football, table tennis open...

Revolutionary land, historic site
According to the Vice President of the Ho Quang Khanh district People's Committee, Loc Ninh is the border district of Binh Phuoc Province with numerous sites and significant archaeological artifacts including the Loc Hoa stones which are recognized as national treasures. Some of the findings prove that about 3,000 years ago, Loc Ninh land was inhabited. The district has many traditional ethnic minority festivals such as: Festival of Descent, Khmer Festival of Destruction (Dua Tpeng) and Khmer New Rice Festival of the S'Tieng.

In particular, there are many historical sites associated with the cause of national liberation. Two of them are at the national level, the VK98 Petroleum Depot (Loc Quang), a former Military base of the Southern Liberation Armed Forces Command (Ta Thiet - Loc Thanh) at this base the Sai Gon - Gia Dinh Operation Command was created, with its historical significance over time. There are also five national historic sites in the district: Historic site (Loc Hoa) Headquarters of the Provisional Government of The Republic of South Vietnam or Transportation House (Loc Ninh town), Loc Ninh Military Airport (Loc Ninh town), Logistics Department (Loc Hiep commune), VK99 Oil Depot (Lo  Hoa), Circular Loc Tan 2 land (communes Loc Tan).

The district also contains five provincial historic sites: temple Soc Lon - Sculpture, Art (Loc Khanh commune), Hospital Loc Tan - Architectural Relics, Art (Loc Tan commune), the establishment of the 302nd Division  Loc Thai commune), and The establishment of the 31st Company Heroes (Loc Thuan commune), the Bai Tien Archaeological Site (Loc An commune). In addition, the Loc Ninh district has other ruins, such as: Cong Tra village (hamlets 10), factory machinery processing latex latex...

The secretary of the district Committee, the president of the Le Truong Son district Peoples' Committee, said in a press conference: Loc Ninh accounts for more than 30 percent of the province's ruins. Currently, the district is actively coordinating the Provincial Department of Culture and sports and tourism to complete the dossiers in order to recognize some monuments, and at the same time establishing links to relics in the district so as to create tours of local source and culture unique to The Khmer people.

Many of the drivers of socio-economic development

In 2021, despite difficulties and challenges, especially the impact of Covid-19, were determined by the entire district's political system and the people, businesses and districts in Loc Ninh had accomplished the dual task of comying Covid-19 and of restoring and developing social and economic development. Especially with Hoa Lu, every day almost 100 container vehicles travel through the port of entry, but the district still provides effective control and prevention. Loc Ninh is also doing well in the construction of the border villages and settlements which are implementing the district youth ethnic minority Village project.

Besides, Loc Ninh has been doing well in its potential and strengths to develop solar electricity, high-tech agriculture and boroughs (with over 80 enterprises investing in construction and operation), thereby contributing to better local labor and social and economic development in the district. They are also part of their development strategy. Meanwhile, Loc Ninh has been given the province's "choice point" for numeric transition development and is adding resources to accelerate development of 32 issues regarding administrative reform, administration, education, and digital health...
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