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Ta Thiet Relic Area

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(BP Portal-The National Monument Area, Base on the Command of Military Liberation of South Vietnam (Ta Thiet Relic Area) in Can Duc Hamlet, Loc Thanh Commune, Loc Ninh District
Ta Thiet Relic Area

Monuments Based on the Command of Military Liberation in South Vietnam was recognized by the Prime Minister as a special National Monument in Decision No. 2367 / QD-TTg dated 23-12-2015.

In order to preserve, embellish and promote the value of relics in difficult budget conditions, the Provincial Party Committee and Binh Phuoc People's Committee advocated the project implementation by means of socialization in combination with the State budget.

To date, the project has been completed with a total investment of VND 336 billion, of which social capital is VND 91 billion, the central budget supports VND 50 billion and the local budget is VND 195 billion.

Ta Thiet relic area project includes the following items: Victory Monument, main temple, traditional house, reception house, welcome gate, square area, fence, restoration, landscape reconstruction 10 relics origin; ecotourism destinations; guest houses with 100 beds.

The completed construction of Ta Thiet base site has shown the determination of Binh Phuoc Party Committee, authorities, and people in particular, the class of cadres who have worked and fought here in general.
Ta Thiet Base relic is a place that has both a meaning and gratitude, educating revolutionary tradition and a "red address" and destination of domestic and foreign tourists.
Here in the past was the "Government Forest", which is the headquarters of the Command of the Liberation Army of South Vietnam to direct the southern revolution to make glorious victories, the peak is the spring victory. in 1975, completely liberating the South, unifying the country.
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