The license plates are issued and managed according to the identifier codes of the vehicle owners.

Friday - 14/07/2023 11:16 662
(Binh Phuoc Portal) - The Minister of Public Security has signed Circular No. 24/2023 / TT-BCA of 1 July 2023 on the granting, revocation of registration and license plates of motor vehicles, including the provisions on issuing license plates according to the identifier code of the vehicle owner.

Accordingly, in Clauses 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Article 3 Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA stipulates: Vehicle license plate is issued and managed according to the identifier of the vehicle owner (identifier number) is a sign plate, serial number plate, size of letter and number plate, number plate color as prescribed in this Circular.

For vehicle owners who are Vietnamese citizens, license plates shall be managed according to their personal identifier code numbers.

For a foreigner, the vehicle license plate shall be managed according to a foreigner's identifier code number established by the system of electronic identifier and authentication, the permanent residence card number, the temporary residence card number or other identity card number issued by the competent agency.

For an organization vehicle owner, the license plate shall be managed according to the organization's electronic identifier code; In cases where an organization's electronic identifier code is not available, management according to the tax code or establishment decision.

In case the vehicle is expired, damage or transfer of ownership of the vehicle, the identifier plate of the vehicle owner is recalled and reissued when the vehicle owner registered for another vehicle belongs to its ownership. The number of identifiers is retained to the owner for a period of 05 years, from the date of recall. Over the time limit stated above, if the owner has not registered, that number of identifiers is transferred to the license plate for registration, granted to the organization and individuals according to the regulations.

In case the vehicle owner moves headquarters, residence from province, city directly under one central province to province, other central city is retained the identifier plate (not changing the license plate).

Individuals aged 15 and older are registered for the vehicle. "In case individuals from age 15 to under 18 years of age registered a vehicle must be agreed by the father, mother or guardian and write the content "agree", signing, indicating their name, relationship with the guardian in the vehicle registration document."

The declaration of the vehicle registration is carried out on the National Public Service Portal or the Public Security Ministry Public Service Portal. The owner uses the declared record code on the Public Service Port to do the vehicle registration procedure. Where it is not done on the Public Service Portal due to the absence of electronic data, or technical errors, the owner declares procedures directly at the vehicle registration authority.

The payment of the vehicle registration fee is made through the bank or payment intermediary connected, integrated, providing online payment services on the Public Service Portal; in case it is not done on the Public Service Portal, filed at the vehicle registration authority.

Receiving the results of the vehicle registration is carried out online on the Public Service Portal or through the public postal service (in case of the implementation of the global public service online) or received at the vehicle registration authority according to the needs of the vehicle owner.

Circular No.24/2023/TT-BCA takes effect since August 15, 2023.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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