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(BP Portal) - In recent years, Binh Phuoc has become a province with a young and dynamic economy in the Southeast region. The economic restructuring of the province is increasingly in line with the development trend of the area. This effort helps establish a strong connection, making it an essential financial part of the region. In addition to the strong development of industry and services, agriculture is considered a solid economic pillar, with many contributions to the socio-economic development of the province and the region in general.

The important pillar of the economy

With the importance of geopolitical position in the Southern Key Economic Region, space advantages, and land funds compared to neighbouring provinces and cities in the Southeast region, Binh Phuoc province gradually becomes an essential factor in the satellite local system of the flagship economy of Ho Chi Minh City and the Central Highlands region.

Identifying agriculture as one of the main pillars of the province's economic system, Binh Phuoc has synchronously implemented a sustainable agricultural and rural development strategy in recent years. Along with promoting the restructuring of the industry to become more substantive and practical, transforming from production thinking to agricultural economic thinking, the scale and level of commodity agrarian production are enhanced based on promoting regional and regional advantages, shifting towards modernity.

The products of Song Be Honey Co., Ltd., Dong Xoai City, have reached the market in the Southeast region and are highly appreciated by customers

Until now, Binh Phuoc's agricultural sector continues to be the pillar of the economy. The production value of agriculture – forestry, and fishery in 2022 will reach more than VND 34 billion 599 million, up 15.8% over the same period in 2021. The production value of agriculture – forestry, and fishery in the first six months of 2023 will reach about VND 16 billion 421 million, up 15.3% over the same period in 2022. The province currently has 226 cooperatives (cooperatives), 86 cooperative groups registered for operation, and 495 farms operating in cultivation and animal husbandry. Up to now, the province has 96 products recognized with 3-star and 4-star OCOP, with three 5-star OCOP products. This achievement helps in producing high-quality products and establishing a valuable product chain.

Not only focusing on agricultural economic development in the direction of green agriculture, improving product quality, and creating link chains, but Binh Phuoc also focuses on trade promotion, regional linkage, and market expansion to promote the province's socio-economic development. Binh Phuoc targets that by 2025, the province will have 20% of farms and enterprises with about 5-7 digitized products; communes, wards, and townships piloting digitalization must have 100% of OCOP products digitized.

Expand markets, promote regional linkages

Over the past time, Binh Phuoc province and Ho Chi Minh City have implemented many support programs to connect supply and demand, creating conditions for enterprises to meet, learn, sign cooperation in the production and consumption of products; support, advise and create favourable conditions for goods of Binh Phuoc province to enter the system of wholesale markets, supermarkets, commercial centres and convenience stores of Ho Chi Minh City with many positive results.

Enterprises of Binh Phuoc province and provinces, cities in the Southeast region signed trade connection and trade promotion in 2023

Until now, Binh Phuoc enterprises and enterprises of provinces and cities in the Southeast region have signed agreements with 33 Ho Chi Minh City distribution enterprises on connecting supply–demand and consumption of essential agricultural products of the locality. Provinces and enterprises in the process of development linkage must create a common economic space for the growth of the whole region and Ho Chi Minh City, bringing into full play the advantages of each locality and region. Local areas have identified their primary focus, prioritising key sectors where local businesses have advantages. This support aims to create a favourable environment and foundation for the overall development of the entire region. Specifically, there's a focus on collaborating in agricultural development, trade, and services.

Vinahe Co., Ltd. in Phuoc Long Town has made many substantial breakthroughs as a young enterprise. Director Nguyen Hoang Dat explained that to thrive during challenging periods, both Vinahe Co., Ltd. and other businesses in Binh Phuoc province rely heavily on the business community in the Southeast region. This collaboration plays a significant role in consuming agricultural products and supporting the local economy since this is an essential economic share of the consumption of farm products in the province. Through supply-demand cooperation programs, it has promoted the development of production and business activities of the unit. Until now, Vinahe Co., Ltd. has six cashew nut product lines, of which five products have achieved 4-star OCOP. Vinahe's cashew nut products have been present in significant supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City, provinces, and cities across the country and have got exported to large, fastidious markets worldwide.

Binh Phuoc currently has 206 projects of investors from Ho Chi Minh City, with registered capital of VND 19,739 billion; there are 2 Co.opmart supermarkets in Dong Xoai City and Dong Phu district, there are 71 Bach Hoa Xanh convenience stores in 11 districts, towns and cities of the province. This figure affirms that the socio-economic development cooperation program between Binh Phuoc province and Ho Chi Minh City is very effective, contributing to increasing budget revenue and creating many jobs for local workers, promoting the province's socio-economic development for many years.

"Adhesive glue"

With solid development aspirations, over the past time, Binh Phuoc province has actively connected trade in the region. As a result, many enterprises, cooperatives, and collective economic units in the province have the direction of production and processing aligned with the current regional market demand.

Binh Phuoc's agricultural products are increasingly expanding their market share in localities in the Southeast region as well as the domestic market

Mr. Vu Manh Tung, Director of Golden Cashew Nuts Co., Ltd., Director of Hoa Phu Clean Agricultural Cooperative, Phu Rieng District, said: The company has built a clean material area, stable in the area with more than 300 hectares. Cooperatives operate under a new, efficient agricultural model associated with linking the production and consumption of products along the value chain and application of high-tech agriculture. All cooperative members are committed to clean production, then towards organic products. Thanks to this right direction, the company has found opportunities to develop regional links and launched eight products processed intensively from Binh Phuoc cashew nuts to the market. The company's products have been present in the markets of the Southeast provinces and cities and reached out to the world market. Each year, the company sells 100-150,000 bags of products to domestic and international markets.

Until now, Binh Phuoc has issued 19 planting area codes with an area of 1,997.8 ha; output is about 223,539 tons/year. Currently, in the province, there are 84 agricultural and forestry cooperatives participating in production along the value chain and supplying to supermarkets and convenience stores; There are 22 cooperatives applying high technology to the production process, including 18 agricultural cooperatives meeting VietGAP, GlobalGAP, RA, Organic standards... Production units have initially connected and formed a chain linking production, product consumption, and application of science and technology to production. At the same time, farmers and businesses actively put agricultural products on e-commerce platforms.

The focus on promoting regional connectivity helps Binh Phuoc change positively in economic development. This effort is the glue connecting the economy of Binh Phuoc with neighbouring provinces and cities as a satellite in socio-economic development in the Southeast region. When localities and businesses are combined, it will create ample space for mutual growth, worthy of the southern economic locomotive, and at the same time, promote the solid economic development of each province and city.


According to: Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc


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