Establishment of the Coordinating Council for SouthEast Regions

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(Binh Phuoc Portal) - On 11/11, the Prime Minister signed Decision No.82/QD-TTg, which establishes the Coordination Council for the South East Region, with a view to renovating the coordination mechanism for regional development, promoting rapid and sustainable economic and social development of the region, protecting the environment and ensuring national defense and security.

The Southeast Regions Coordination Council is an inter-branch coordination organization which is decided by the Prime Minister to establish and perform functions to assist the Prime Minister in studying, directing, coordinating and settling important and inter-branch work on regional integration and sustainable development in the Southeast Region.

The Council is Chairman by the Prime Minister; the Permanent Vice President of the Council is Minister of Planning and Investment and has 4 Vice Chairman as Minister of Transport, Minister of Science and Technology, Minister of Construction, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. The commissioners include: Deputy Minister and equivalent of ministries and agencies; Chairman of People’s Committee of provinces and cities: Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

The Regional Coordination Council may establish sub-committees as coordinating clues by industry, field, or by sub-regions. The subcommittee is organized and operated under the regime prescribed by the Chairman of the Regional Coordination Council.

The staffing machine, the maid of the regional coordination board, ministries, People’s Committee of the provincial and central city including: Office of the Regional Coordination Council, Ministry Coordination Organization, Provincial Coordination Organization and Advisory Expert Group.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is the permanent body of the Regional Coordination Council, using the help apparatus to perform the tasks of the Regional Coordination Council. The Ministry of Planning and Investment is established the Office of the Regional Coordination Council. Payroll of civil servants of the Regional Coordination Council Office under the Payroll of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and operating under the duty regime.

Mission, authority of the council

The Coordinating Council for the Southeast Region to study and propose to the Prime Minister directions, solutions, mechanisms and policies on the implementation of the objectives and tasks in Resolution 24-NQ/TW of 07/10/2022 of the Ministry of Politics on socio-economic Development and National Defense and Security for the Southeast Region; To assist the Prime Minister in directing, regulating, coordinating, urging, guiding the implementation of objectives, tasks, programs, projects and activities connected with regions, ensure a consistent, consistent and effective implementation, in accordance with the provisions of law and plans approved by the competent level.

Coordinate activities to establish, regulate and organize implementation of national planning and planning of the Southeast region in the period 2021-2030, vision to 2050, provincial planning and city in the Southeast region in the period 2021-2030, vision to 2050.

Research, proposals on institutions, mechanisms, development policies of the Southeast region, promoting regional linkage, subregion ensuring regulations, mechanisms, regional link policies, subregion implementation synchronously, consistently, efficiently, discipline, discipline.

Organize investment promotion activities, mobilize resources and attract investment; To coordinate the use of public investment capital to guide non-state investment resources (FDI, corporate capital, private venture), promote investment in a manner of public public cooperation (PPP), especially in the region's important and strategic infrastructure development.

Coordination of activities linked to the development of the socio-economic infrastructure system, which prioritizes the transport infrastructure system. Study to form a regional infrastructure development Fund.

To guide and support the localities in the region in solving interprovincial and city issues that are not under the jurisdiction of the localities in the region.

Coordinating with other regions in the socio-economic development cooperation that is inter-regional in nature.

Coordination in urban, logistic, high quality services (financial centres, regional logistic centres), science and technology, innovation and digital transformation.

To promote and support the formation and development of business associations and commodity associations, union and cooperatives of the whole region.

To decide to use financial and other resources assigned to carry out the function, tasks and powers of the regional Council.

Other tasks and powers assigned by the Prime Minister in accordance with the Law.

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