Vietnam Traffic Safety Initiative 2023

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(BP Portal) - Individuals and collectives participating in the “Vietnam Traffic Safety Initiative 2023” program send posts from April 5, 2023 until August 25, 2023 according to post office and time on email.

The Traffic Police Department cooperates with Dan Tri Electronic Newspaper and Toyota Vietnam Company has launched the “Vietnam Traffic Safety Initiative 2023” program to call for cooperation, support and participation in contributing new initiatives and solutions in ensuring the order of traffic safety.

Subjects to the contest

Vietnamese citizens are living in the country, or abroad; foreigners live in the territory of Vietnam.

Members of the Organizer, Jury, Staff team not to participate in the contest.

The contestants shall be responsible for the legality related to the copyright of the solutions and products participating in the Competition under the Intellectual Property Law of 2005 (revised, supplemented in 2022) and related legal documents. The organizers will cancel the contest prize if there is a basis for determining the solution, the product contest infringes intellectual property rights, won at other competitions, or in the judgment of the court, competent authorities.

Theme of the contest

Topic 1: Solution to prevent traffic jams.

Topic 2: Prevention solution, preventing the violation of alcohol concentration when controlling road transport.

Topic 3: Solution on establishing legal discipline in maintaining the order of traffic safety

Contest category

There are 2 categories: Traffic Safety Initiative, Traffic Safety Technology Initiative.

The "Traffic Safety Initiative" category: Initiatives, solutions to complete institutionalities and establish legal disciplines on traffic safety order; impact on traffic participants behavior and consciousness. For example, propose new laws, circulars, guidelines based on existing legal texts to solve problems; ideas, solutions affecting behaviors, consciousness, habits of traffic participants such as innovation measures, form of legal propaganda on traffic safety order; the use of ride-hailing applications, organizing driving teams specialized in catering to alcohol users; communication changes the behavior of the people when participating in traffic …

"Technology Initiative on Traffic Safety": Initiative, technology solutions (software, computer applications and electronic devices; engineering equipment; robots; algorithms; technology models; artificial intelligence …) applications in ensuring the order of traffic safety. For example, calculate human traffic; organize traffic; reduce, curb congestion and traffic accidents; automatic change in real-time traffic light cycles; solutions to reduce alcohol content violations, have drunk alcohol, beer not driving; dangerous warnings when driving vehicles; mobile applications …

Initiatives, solutions can be in the form of ideas, or already have real products, address the topics of the competition.

Individuals, the participating group may have one, or multiple initiatives, solutions on one of the three topics, or all three topics of the competition; can participate in both categories.

Contest form

The contest is organized into 3 rounds of exams: preliminary, final and award. In it:

*Primery Examination: Individuals and collectives submit the entry application include: Application for the entry (individual, organizing the test download form here (click download)); a description of the initiative, solution expressing the reasons for the birth, how it works, results achieved when applying the initiative and solution to the reality; video/photo of introduction of the initiative, solution (if any); a copyright of intellectual property rights and products not won at other competitions for the initiative, the contest products.

Submission form: Online via email: (document file size regulation when submitting online: Content description of the initiative, solution: < 5mb, video introduction of the initiative, solution < 25mb, or send youtube link, photo file description of the initiative, solution < 5mb); submit directly at the address: Dan Tri Electronic Newspaper, No. 2 Giang Vo, Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi (content on the envelope: Entry Safety Initiative, surname and phone number of the contestant.

Submission deadline: Individuals and collections can send posts from April 05, 2023 until August 25, 2023 according to postage mark and time on email.

The End of the Primery Examination : The jury will conduct the dot and select 20 initiatives, the most prominent solution (each category 10 initiatives, solutions) to enter the Reference Round.

*Semi- final Round: Online voting: 20 initiatives, solutions to the Reference Round will be posted to the Landing Page contest in the People’s Electronic Newspaper. Readers will vote according to 2 awards categories, 05 initiatives, the most voted solution of each category will be added to the total transcript.

Finishing of the Semi- final Round: The jury of each category of independent dots and collective work reviews, selecting 5 initiatives and best solutions of each category to enter the Finals.

*Finals and award: Individuals and collectives will present the initiative, solution to the Jury (encouraging the use of slide slide slide), if there is a practical product, use visual products to illustrate.

The jury conducts direct exchanges with individuals and groups participating in initiatives, solutions and conducting scores, ranking first, second, three and encouraging each category.

The results are announced at the Awards Ceremony and reward individuals and collectives who participate in the award.

Contest Award

Total Award value: VND312 million of 2 categories (Traffic Safety Initiative, Technology Initiative on Traffic Safety). Among them, each category includes: 01 first prize, 60 million VND; 2 second prize, 30 million VND/ Prize; 2 third prize, 10 million VND/ Prize; 2 incentive prize, 5 million VND/ Prize; 3 top 10, 2 million VND/ Prize. Along with that is the Award-winning certificate of the Organizer of the Program, the Compliment of the Traffic Police Department./.

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