The Raiffeisen Cooperative Federation supports promoting the economic development of cooperative economies in Binh Phuoc

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(Binh Phuoc Portal) - On the  morning, September 11, the Binh Phuoc Province Cooperative Alliance and related departments and branches, working with the Raiffeisen Cooperative Alliance of the Federal Republic of Germany (DCRV).

Working content to exchange the situation of economic development of cooperatives in Binh Phuoc province; build models of service supply based on the needs of members, progress to implement the project within the framework of the German-Vietnam bilateral cooperation program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMEL).
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Scenes from work
The objective of the project is that the Viet Nam Cooperative Alliance and provincial cooperatives strengthen the provision of services based on the needs of its members. The co-operatives play a key role in promoting collective initiatives aimed at improving climate change response and sustainable agricultural development. The project was launched in two provinces: Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai, with a planned period of three years (2023-2025). In this, a launch period of about six months was required to unify the plan and the way it was deployed.

Accordingly, building a model of improving capacity to improve the quality of services provided for member cooperatives such as marketing, farming techniques, accounting; participation of stakeholders at the provincial level, including the Department of Agriculture and Agriculture Development, Farmers’ Association, Women’s Society; training for cooperatives carried out by the consultants group of DGRV; helping to develop sustainable development, adapt to climate change, developing long-term business models to ensure income stability.

About the consulting services to enhance capacity and structure of associations in the field of agriculture: Providing services to members in the field of agriculture through the appropriate association structure; association of agricultural cooperatives is the link for cooperatives and corresponding associations; promoting the exchange of experience between the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and the Cooperative Alliance of Provinces.

When implemented, the project with in the framework of the German-Vietnam bilateral cooperation program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMEL) will contribute to promoting the economy of cooperatives in the Binh Phuoc province development, integrating with the development trend of the world./.
According to Radio-TV and Binh Phuoc Newspaper
Translator: Ms. Thao

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