Accelerating the implementation of tasks after Tet

Tuesday - 01/03/2022 09:30 1602
(BP Portal) - The Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee has just issued Official Letter 347/UBND-TH to urge the implementation of tasks after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Accordingly, departments, branches, and localities need to drastically and consistently implement multi-objective in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the recovery and development of socio-economic fields.

It is necessary to both proactively monitor the situation and prepare plans and solutions to effectively respond to the complex developments of the pandemic and continue to implement tasks and measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic according to the resolutions and conclusions of the Central Committee, the National Assembly, and the Government, including Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP dated October 11, 2021, by which the government promulgates the temporary regulation "Safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic" as well as the directives, dispatches, and directions of the Prime Minister, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial People's Committee.

At the same time, each official and resident has to immediately resume normal operations after the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday in order to strongly promote and rapidly reopen socio-economic activities, creating an exciting atmosphere at the beginning of the year to fulfill the targets set out in 2022.
Day nhanh tien do cong viec

Businesses in Binh Phuoc are speeding up production with enthusiasm and responsibility

The Provincial Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Departments of Health, and localities have continued to focus on resources, quickly implement the "Spring 2022" vaccination campaign, ensure safety, science and effect, and achieve the set goals and plans.

It also requires that departments, branches, and localities quickly and effectively implement the tasks and solutions of the Socio-economic Recovery and Development Program according to the Government's Resolution 11/NQ-CP dated January 30, 2022, ensuring progress on schedule and the quality of the assigned tasks, especially those to be performed in the first quarter of 2022.

The People's Committee of Binh Phuoc province has also issued countless other drastic instructions, such as focusing on examining and reviewing legal documents, giving priority to amending and completing legal provisions that are no longer appropriate, overlapping, or incomplete; strengthening dialogue, consultation, and receiving opinions from associations and businesses in order to immediately remove institutional bottlenecks and barriers in the process of implementing policies and laws in order to improve the business-investment environment; improving the quality of law enforcement monitoring; diversifying forms of law dissemination and education in the direction of digital transformation, and promoting legal policy communication.

In addition, the full and effective implementation of social security and social welfare policies, as well as the prevention of child abuse, prevention, and response to gender-based violence; maintenance of social assistance services also need to be ensured and enhanced.

Instructions on budget spending and transportation have also been given, such as urgently classifying expenditure estimates, speeding up the implementation schedule and disbursement of public investment plans from the beginning of 2022, with priority given to early handling of procedures for advance reimbursement of the plan and paying compensation for site clearance; continuing to effectively implement solutions to control and reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams; strengthening inspection and strictly handling violations that cause traffic accidents. Market inspection and control should continue to be promoted in order to promptly detect and strictly handle fraudulent business acts.

Departments, branches, and localities have been advised to immediately implement the tasks assigned in the Strategy for Development of E-Government towards the Digital Government in the 2021-2025 period, with priority given to focusing resources on drastically carrying out the tasks assigned in Decision 06/QD-TTg dated January 6, 2022, by the Prime Minister on the development and application of population data and electronic authentication identification for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030.

Cadres, civil servants, and public employees focus on handling work from the first working day after the Lunar New Year, especially the backlog of work due to the Tet holiday. Activities that affect work, working hours, and the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic should be limited or eliminated. State administrative agencies at all levels must always stand side-by-side with businesses and people, promoting enthusiasm and responsibility with the motto "taking the people and businesses as the service center".

Enterprises, entrepreneurs, industry associations, and the general public continue to promote the spirit of self-sufficiency, innovation, overcoming obstacles, and turning challenges into opportunities in order to strive for and achieve the best results in production and business activities related to safe and effective COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

The Provincial People's Committee proposed that to promote the strength of the great national unity bloc and strive to fulfill the socio-economic development tasks and targets of the year 2022, the Provincial People's Committee./.

Author: Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc

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