Notice of registration of records supporting organizations, individuals investing, innovating equipment and technology in Binh Phuoc province

Thursday - 11/05/2023 15:17 3516
(BP Portal) - The Department of Science and Technology has just issued Notice No.662/TB-SKHCN on registration of supporting documents for organizations and individuals to invest and innovate equipment and technology in the province according to Resolution No.12/2021/NQ-HDND dated September 30, 2021 of the People’s Council of the provincial.

Accordingly, the Department of Science and Technology of Binh Phuoc province informs organizations and individuals with investments and innovations of technology equipment in the province register support records according to Resolution No. 12/2021/NQ-HDND as follows:

1. Support object

a) Domestic enterprises are established and operated under the Law of Enterprises; are operating production and business in the province of Binh Phuoc.

b) Individuals and other types of organizations with domestic capital operating in production and business in the province of Binh Phuoc in accordance with the provisions of law.

c) Priority objects include:

- Science and technology enterprise.

- Enterprises have applied investment activities, transfer, innovation, technological improvement, modern equipment in the areas of strength and priority of the province such as: things, rubber, wood products, processing of agricultural products, auxiliary industry, textile, leather shoes.

2. Support content and profiles

2.1. Policy supports implementation of projects, application investment programs, transfer, innovation, technological improvement, modern equipment, digital transformation applications in the field of information technology include:

a) Type of technology, equipment is supported

- Application of digital conversion in the field of technology, information.
- Technology, equipment to create new products, high-tech products.

- Technology and equipment to raise value added, improve product quality; technology, equipment to reduce production costs, increase labor product productivity; technology is environmentally friendly, energy saving.

- Receiving advanced technology and equipment; new, advanced machining methods; technology and equipment to develop the main items of the province.

- Research creating new technology, design designing new technology equipment replacing foreign import equipment, decoding technology, incubating technology.

- Improve enterprise management capacity, build and apply management system according to standard, apply advanced management tools, standardization.

- Design and apply information technology solutions to solve urgent problems, trending the fourth industrial revolution in Binh Phuoc province.

b) Support content

Technical know-how, technological know-how; digital transformation; alternatives, technological processes; solutions, parameters, drawings, technical diagrams; formulas, computer software, data information; cost of buying new machinery, advanced new equipment, modern in production line, quality inspection, products; cost of supporting technical staff training on skill skills, management capacity, technology operation, newly invested equipment; cost of analysis, testing, product quality inspection, calibration, inspection of machinery, equipment; cost of consulting on building standard base, product certification in accordance with national technical regulations.

c) Profile 07 sets include

Support application: Original; Project verification, program (original); Report of project implementation, program (original); Copy with certification or copy accompanied by the main copy to contrast documents: Valid settlement report and valid financial documents (contract, receipt, contract liquidation minutes, invoices under the provisions of the Ministry of Finance; Diploma of Protection of Trademarks or Industrial Designs at home and abroad, patent and useful solutions; Certificate of accredited certification organizations (standard, conformity, barcode code, publishing quality standards) of the contents of support proposals.

2.2. Policy to support participation in the technology market - equipment at home and abroad

a) Support content: transportation and travel costs; design and manufacture of simulated products; printing of leaflets - posters; production of test products, display.

b) 01 dossier set includes: Application for support (original); An authenticated copy or a copy attached to the original for reconciliation: Confirmation by the Fair Organizing Committee of the list of technologies, equipment, products participating in the market of technology and equipment; An authenticated copy or a copy attached to the original for reconciliation of documents: Valid financial vouchers for expenses (cost of travel by public transport, accommodation; cost of renting means of loading and unloading, transporting technology, equipment, products; cost of rent, decoration of pavilion...).

2.3. Policies to support events in connection with supply and demand and technology and equipment, participation in the technology - equipment exchange

Organizations and individuals with new technologies, equipment, products and new business models engaged at the Technology Exchange of Binh Phuoc province shall be free to display or introduce products within a period not longer than 12 months from the date they are approved by the competent level.

Application for support (the original); Certified copies or attached copies to the main papers for comparison of one of the following papers: Legal dossiers on the quality of the goods products, intellectual property protection, technical documents related to new technologies, equipment, products, new business models which register commodity display stands and introduce the products at the Technology exchange and the Binh Phuoc Provincial equipment;The certification by the Organizing Committee for events on demand and technology and equipment; A certified copy or a copy attached to the main document for comparison of papers: the business registration or unit establishment permit (for organizations); Citizenship card or passport (for an individual).

3.  Time, place of receiving the dossiers

a. Time of receiving the dossier

The Department of Science and Technology receive regularly the proposals on support contents of organizations and individuals as prescribed. Length of review of proposals to undertake 02 times a year: 01 in May every year, 02 in August every year.

(2023 alone, time 01 from the date of issuance of announcement to the end of 20/6/2023; Second time 02 (01/7/2023 - 30/72023).

b. The dossier receiving place

Science and Technology Management Division - Binh Phuoc Department of Science and Technology: 678, National Highway 14, Tan Phu, Dong Xoai city, Binh Phuoc Province for consideration and support as prescribed.

Please contact Mrs.Hoang Ngoc Huong - a specialist in science and Technology Management Department, Department of Science and Technology in Binh Phuoc; Telephone: 0271.3887.511.

In effective implementation of Resolution 12/2021/NQ-HDND of the provincial People's Council, the Department of Science and Technology recommends organizations and individuals that need to register the form supporting contents for consideration as prescribed./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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