Preliminary of Project 06 and Summary of activities of the Steering Committee for Provincial Digital Transformation

Monday - 13/02/2023 10:16 1698
(BP Portal) -  On the morning of February 9, the Provincial People's Committee held a preliminary conference on the one-year implementation of Project 06 and summarized the activities of the Steering Committee for provincial digital transformation in 2022. Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Committee on Digital Transformation of Tran Tuyet Minh presided over the conference.

The conference is televised online from the provincial to the districts, towns and cities.
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Delegates report their speech at the provincial bridge
After 01 year of implementing Decision No.06/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on approving the Project on the development of data application on population, electronic identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, vision to 2030 (Project 06) and the 2022 operation program of the Provincial Digital Transformation Steering Committee,  The whole province has obtained many important results. The province's digital transformation activities are increasingly having positive changes, with a deep spread at all levels, sectors and localities; receive the participation and positive response of people and businesses.

In 2022, the Steering Committee for Provincial Digital Transformation has advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue 13 decisions, 26 plans, 10 dispatches; advising the Provincial Staff Committee to issue 1 directive on contents related to Digital Transformation, Project 06. Up to now, the information technology infrastructure serving e-government activities, towards digital government, has been gradually improved, meeting the basic operational requirements of state agencies and units from provinces to grassroots.

Some areas have outstanding results such as: The online video conferencing system has connected 4 levels from the central to the commune level, serving the executive direction. The rate of eligible administrative procedures under the law provided in the form of partial and full online public services reached 91.46%, Binh Phuoc province has 1,509 public services connected to the National Public Service Portal (ranked 3/63 provinces and cities).

The provincial system of public service email has allocated 7,588 boxes of public affairs to officials, public servants and officials in the province; The percentage of officials and civil servants who use the civil service email box for work processing is over 90%. So far, the dedicated data transmission network has deployed 145 state administrative agencies, 149 party agencies from provincial to commune level and 310 other agencies and units in the province. Digital signatures have implemented integration into word management software, using a full electronic text instead of a paper document (except for a classified text). Issue 3,094 certificates of digital letters to individuals and organizations at the provincial level through the commune level.

The public telecommunications infrastructure has high-speed intra-network connections, which have completed 3G, 4G coverage, fixed broadband Internet, digital terrestrial television. The province has deployed a provincial-wide specialized network, connecting 180 agencies and units. The provincial Data Integration Centre is designed and hired to operate with standards, using virtualization technology, ensuring computing capacity and storage capacity in service of e-government construction and is being upgraded and expanded to implement smart urban applications.

The Information Security Monitoring System- Security Operation Center (SOC) is managed and operated according to the international standard ISO 27001:2013, deploying a "4 layer" model of information safety under prime Minister's Directive No.14/CT-TTg dated 7/6/2019, and connecting and sharing information safety monitoring data with the National Network Space Monitoring Center.

In 2022, Binh Phuoc Province's Digital Transformation Index ranks 9/63 provinces and cities, ranking 2nd in the Southeast region. Binh Phuoc has also issued a set of indicators for evaluating and ranking the level of digital transformation of state agencies in Binh Phuoc province, in order to help the Provincial People's Committee assess the current status of annual digital transformation implementation at state agencies in the province,  to have a basis for orientation and offer solutions to improve the level of digital transformation of the province.

The Provincial Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) and 3 district IOC (Dong Xoai, Phuoc Long, Binh Long) have operated stably and operated effectively. The provincial IOC has put the Public Service Information Switchboard 1022 Binh Phuoc province into operation, promptly receiving, processing and responding to information reflected by organizations and individuals.

At the conference, delegates representing departments, sectors and localities focused on the achievements, along with the shortcomings and difficulties in the implementation of Project 06 and the activities of the Steering Committee for Digital Transformation at all levels in 2022. Thereby, it has proposed and proposed many solutions to perform this work well in the coming time.

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Tuyet Minh emphasized: Looking back at the above 2 important activities, it shows that Binh Phuoc province has been active in implementing digital transformation activities comprehensively, in all fields and has reached the rank of 9/63 provinces,  city (announced by the Ministry of Information and Communications in August 2022). Project 06 has made a breakthrough in the provision and use of online public services with 25 essential public services for the people. In the past year, Binh Phuoc has successfully implemented 18/43 basic tasks and is one of 3 provinces and cities with good practices in providing online public services recognized by the Central Government.

With the results achieved, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Tuyet Minh suggested that heads of agencies, units and localities must quickly step in more responsibly than in 2022, proactively grasp and review unfinished 2022 tasks and implement tasks in 2023 to achieve the prescribed quality. 

On this occasion, 2 collectives and 6 individuals have excellent achievements in the implementation of Project 06; 5 collectives with achievements in the 2022 Digital Transformation have been awarded certificates of merit by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

With the uniformity of the political system in place and the accountability of its head in 2022, the implementation of Project 06 in the province has been highly positive. The province has effectively deployed 18 out of 43 tasks of project 06 during the 2022-2025 period, ensuring progress and time limits, of which 8 have been completed and 10 have been effectively implemented.
The province has launched a 92 day and night peak campaign on raising the efficiency of the provision and use of online public services, promoting the Digital Transformation to develop digital authorities associated with tasks and utilities in the implementation of project 06. In this way, bringing the share of public services online up from 27.2 % to over 99 %; Bringing the share of online processed public services up from 21.2 % to 99%; Receiving, processing and solving 662,509 online files in 2022 for citizens in the area. At all levels, branches and localities have seen positive shifts in their perceptions and actions; The people and enterprises are actively participating in the tasks of Project 06./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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