Launch the emulation movement to accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital in the province in 2023

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(BP Portal) - The provincial People's Committee have launched a competition movement to expedite the disbursement of public investment capital in the province in 2023 in order to create a strong incentive to improve the quality and continue to implement effective solutions, the guiding contents of the provinces Committees and provincial People's Committees, to well complete the objectives and tasks of socio-economic development in 2023.

Deployment time

The provincial People's Committees require the movement to be extensively implemented in the agencies, units, localities, officials, civil servants and laborers. Participation in this movement is the task and responsibility of the Commissions and heads of agencies, units and localities. Through the organization of competitions, to develop and encourage the creativity of organizations and individuals, to propose solutions to overcome difficulties to speed up, complete provincial projects and key projects and strive to achieve the goal of disbursing public investment capital 100% according to resolutions of the People's Councils of the provinces.

The competition movement was launched from now until the end of 31/01/2024. Commencement, selection and recommendation of rewards must be made from the establishment and ensure democracy, publicity, transparency and timely.

Subjects of reward

For the collective, including agencies, units and localities; the agencies and units that are investors of works or projects using public investment capital assigned by the province; units directly constructing works and projects.

Regarding individuals, including cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees directly lead, direct and participate in the implementation of works and projects.

In particular, priority is given to considering and selecting reward proposals for collectives and individuals with excellent achievements in leading, directing and exceeding the targets and plans assigned by the Provincial People's Committee.

Emulation  standards

For the collective, the following criteria must be met: Solidarity internal affairs, examples of well observing party policy, law policy of the State; The disbursement of public investment capital in order to achieve 100% of the plan of the province in 2023 (including the additional assigned capital); There are many initiatives and solutions in the leadership and in directing the disbursement of public investment capital of agencies, units and localities with good results.

For the task units which carry out well the project tempo and project, to ensure the requirements on the design and quality and safety of their labor, create jobs and incomes for the laborers; And in difficult conditions to encourage the enterprises and units in well performing their tax obligations; To fully implement insurance, ensure the environment, ensure labor hygiene, prevent fires and explosions...

For individuals, meeting the following criteria: Example of the observance of party policy, law policy of the State; To lead, direct and organize the disbursement of public investment capital well; There are innovative, proposed solutions, daring to do so in order to speed up the disbursement of public investment capital.

Emulation Contents

The Provincial People's Committee requires agencies, units and localities to implement well the 7 contents of the emulation movement. 

That is, heads of agencies, units and localities promote the emulation movement, aiming at socio-economic targets, objectives and tasks in 2023 that agencies, units and localities have not yet met according to the Resolution of the Provincial People's Council.

Emulate the renewal of leadership, direction, management and effective use of public investment capital, especially focusing on directing and managing the disbursement of investment capital that has been arranged since the beginning of the year; The investor promotes the sense of responsibility, strengthens inspection, urges, is resolute in directing and operating, requires consultants and contractors to strictly comply with the plan and time committed. Uphold the roles and responsibilities of the head, who is assigned to monitor the progress of each project to urge; at the same time removing difficulties and obstacles; associate the results of the performance of tasks with the responsibilities of assigned cadres, civil servants and employees.

Emulate technical improvement, improve labor productivity, apply science, technology and technology to construction activities, in accordance with requirements and conditions.

Emulate the concentration of resources for disbursement of public investment capital, considering that continuing to promote and promote the disbursement of public investment capital is the key to economic growth in the coming time, both stimulating the economy and helping to consume raw materials and create jobs for workers.

Emulate accelerates the progress of works and projects, at the same time ensures quality, resolutely does not accept works when they do not meet design and quality requirements, ensures labor safety, creates jobs, increases income for employees.

Emulate the good performance of the obligation to pay the state budget, fully ensure the planned targets, well implement the credit, insurance, land management and use policies, and protect the environment in difficult conditions due to the continued impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Emulate the good implementation of administrative procedures in disbursement of public investment capital, ensuring the implementation of procedures quickly and neatly but in accordance with the provisions of law on investment preparation, construction implementation, construction supervision and settlement of works./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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