Binh Phuoc has 63 villages, hamlets and quarters

Sunday - 31/07/2022 15:17 1652
(BP Portal) - After the merger, An Loc ward (Binh Long town) has 8 quarter including: Phu Trung, Phu Binh, Phu Cuong, Phu Son, Phu An, Binh Tan, An Binh, Binh An and 1 hamlet (Soc Du)  , down 1 Quarter compared to the present.
ap soc du
On 12 July 2022, at the 6th session, the X (10th) Provincal People's Council adopted resolution no.17/ NQ-HDND on the merger of Phu Tan quarter and Soc Du hamlet in An Loc ward, Binh Long Town. This  resolution takes effect from the date of its adoption.

After the merger, the Soc Du Hamlet has an area of 189.24ha, 225 households, 881 inhabitants and has 5: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

As a result, it incorporates the former natural area and population of Colony 5, Cluster 6 in Phu Tan Quarter, into Soc Du Hamlet (adjacent Hamlet), taking the name of Group 4 and Group 5 and retaining the name of Soc Du Hamlet.

The resulting Soc Du Hamlet covers an area of 189.24ha, 225 households, 881 inhabitants and contains 5 residential: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (an increase of 2 compared to today). Of these, The residential 1 has a natural area of about 13.2ha, 64 households, 237 inhabitants. Residential 2 has a natural area of 16.05ha, 78 households, 306 inhabitants. The residential 3 had a natural area of about 7.79ha, 38 households, 154 inhabitants. The population 4 has a natural area of 110.6ha, 33 households, 122 inhabitants (merged from residential 6, phu Tan Quarter). The residential 5 has a natural area of 41.6ha, 12 households, 62 inhabitants (merged from residential 5, Phu Tan quarter).

Thus, the total number of villages, hamlets and quarters belonging to communes, wards and towns in the province is 843 villages, hamlets and quarters. In which, Dong Xoai city 52, Binh Long town 54, Phuoc Long town 42 and districts: Dong Phu 73, Chon Thanh 70, Hon Quan 102, Loc Ninh 131, Bu Dop 52, Bu Gia Map 68, Phu  Rieng 82, Bu Dang 117 (1 quarter reduction)./.
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