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(BP Portal) - Digitization is the process of converting traditional information (paper, tape, etc.) and the process of transforming "information on paper" into "digital information". Digitalzation is the use of digitalization and data technologies to influence how to implement the work process and create new value and revenue on the digital platform. In other words, numerical transformation includes both digital activity and other activities that make overall, holistic and organizational changes to the way of life, how to work, thinking, habits, culture and mode of production based on digital technologies. Digitalization to create "new ways" is more efficient. Digitalization is, therefore, a more developed form than digitization, performing more complex than digitization.
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For example, person A has A book and wants to turn it into an "e-book" stored right on his smartphone, so that reading can be opened anywhere free. To do so, person A uses an installed phone application to scan pages of the book into "soft data" (Pdf/Word file format) for storage on the phone. The reduction activity is referred to as "digitization".

After some time, Person A decided to design an ebook website and obtain permission to operate it. People A has posted A variety of e-books with themes, rich, rich content, and an MP3 file on their website, intended to share extensively with you four corners and to get A percentage of Google advertising money (due to the large number of people accessing the site). This activity is referred to as "digitalization".

Person A model of e-book websites is increasing. Person A decided to make A "revolution" in e-books, invested in mass development, spread across the country, and produced more videos that had virtual MC (using artificial intelligence) read out the strategy scores or read the books every week. Person A wants to turn "e-books" into the commercial business of his company and to develop an "online reading" habit for many people, especially with A desire to bring e-books into remote areas (where people are not in good position to find many good, new books). Person A decides to invest an unstructured big data system and hires A virtual server to store company e-books, allowing readers to handle, access quickly, and without any operator or manager. The application of block chain technology to remove intermediate management of transactions and increase data security for websites; Improve newspaper and social media website advertisements to help more people get online. The "Revolution" of A-man e-books is an operation of digitalization.

Today, digitization of data is necessary to convert traditional documents into digital data, to reduce the "cumbersome" nature of traditional documents, safer stored documents, and more searable. Once digitized, the data source is managed by the software or technology platform, which adds security and access to the data system. However, not all traditional documents need to be digitized, but they need to be prioritized over the necessary data, meet and serve the exploitation and use needs of the people and enterprises (such as population information data, land, health and education information); Books, business guide...). The right choice of data to be digitized (classified as "critical" and "less important") will avoid an overarching, wasteful state of "mass digitization." Many of the data is "less important", not intended to cater to the needs of citizens, the enterprise is still digitized, causing waste of budget digitization, employment in digitized, costs of renting servers to post digital data storage, security of digital information... Therefore, the digitization of documents needs to be defined with the goal of digitizing the documents, priority priority areas, storage systems, the process of exploiting data after digitization... so that the maximum efficiency and practical benefits of the digitized data are realized, serving well to the other needs and tasks of digitalization./.
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