Department of Industry and Trade

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Address: Hung Vuong Street, Tan Binh ward, Dong Xoai city, BP province
Tel: (+84) 02713.879.199
Fax: 02713.879.199

* Board of leaders

Director :
 Nguyễn Anh Hoàng
        Tel: (+84) 0271.3879964  

Vice Director: Nguyễn Văn Hiếu
       Tel: (+84) 0271.3886776

Vice Director: Phạm Thị Ngọc
       Tel: (+84) 0271.3879985

* Positions and Functions
- Department of Industry and Trade is a specialized agency under supervision of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC); functioning as the state management agency on  industry and trade, including mechanics, electricity, new energy, recycled energy, chemicals, industrial explosive materials, mining and mineral processing industry, consuming industry, food processing industry, other processing industries, commodity circulation in the province, export, import, frontier trade, market management, competitive management, trade promotion, exclusive control, anti-dumping, anti-subsidizing, consumer protection, e-commerce, commercial services, economic integration, managing industrial sites in province, stimulate industrial activities, and public services under Department’s management.
- Department of Industry and Trade has legal status, its own seal and account, and is under guidance and management on organization and personnel of the PPC as well as specialized guidance of Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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