The 20th International Conference on Volcanic Caves will take place from 22-26/11 in Dak Nong

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(BP Portal) - From 22 - 26/11/2022, Dak Nong province will host the 20th International Conference on Volcanic Caves (ISV), with the theme: "The Conservation and sustainable development of volcanoes and volcanic caves".  This was the first time ISV Conference was held in Vietnam.
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Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark
The ISV conference is the most important activity of the International Cave Association and The Volcanic Cave Commission (UIS-CVC) held every two years, to create a forum for information exchange, research results, and connectivity of members in the field. The ISV was first held in the Hawaiian Islands in 1972. Other countries that have hosted the ISV conference in recent years include Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Spain (Canary Islands), South Korea, Jordan, Australia, Iceland, and the United States (Hawaii and California); Most recently, the 19th ISV was held in Italy in August 2021.

The hosting of the 20th ISV was an important external event that effectively introduced and promoted the system of volcanic caves - geological Heritage (traces of prehistoric human culture) within UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geological Park. At the same time, to bring in scientists, to improve the value of the cave system, its specific cultural value. Sharing experiences and contributing to conservation and effective exploitation of the heritage site in Dak Nong province.

The initiative to host an international scientific event confirmed the determination of Dak Nong Province to preserve and use heritage values rationally, especially on international geological heritage sites. Through events held at the ISV conference, Dak Nong sought to find an investor with Dak Nong to invest, tourism infrastructure development, and the connectivity of the destinations within UNESCO's Global Geological Park.

The 20th ISV conference was also a Province of Dak Nong Provincial event in celebration of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23).

Previously, in July 2020, Dak Nong Geological Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since then, the name "Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark (Viet Nam)" has officially appeared on a map of the Global Geological Park Network, consisting of 177 destinations. Dak Nong is the third locality in Vietnam and 164th in the world to have a UNESCO Designated Geologic Park.

Main Activities of the 20th ISV Conference

 1.  The ISV Conference

The theme of the 20th  ISV conference was expanded, including the system of volcanoes that produced volcanic caves and also the valuable geological heritage that Dak Nong Province and other localities in Vietnam are in.

Duration: 22 - 26/11/ 2022.

Location: Meetings were held at the Provincial Convention Centre (Gia Nghia City, Dak Nong Province).
Form of organization: Direct and online.

The head agency: the People's Committee of Dak Agriculture is in charge, in cooperation with the Geological and Mineral Sciences Institute (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and Vietnam Museum of Nature (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).

Advisory Body, Support: International Cave Association (UIS), Volcanic Cave Committee (UIS-CVC), UNESCO National Committee Vietnam - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The seminar workshops of the 20th  ISV are:

- The 20th ISV Workshop - Subject 1: Geology/geomorphology/Volcanology/ Cave Survey Reports and data.

-The 20th ISV Workshop - Symposium 2: Using Cave/Biology/Volcanology/ Geology/Management and cave protection.

 - The 20th  ISV Conference - Symposium 3: Geology/Cave Survey Report and Data/Cave Management and Protection.

2. Scientific seminar:" 15-year Development of Geologic Park in Vietnam".

The workshop organized by the DakNong Provincial People's Committee in collaboration with the Specialized Sub-committee of the National Park Service of UNESCO Geological park global UNESCO Dak Nong. This has celebrated the milestone of 15 years of geological park development in Vietnam as an opportunity for agencies, departments and localities to reexamine the past 15 years' journey, learning lessons, and sharing the difficulties and challenges of Geologic park development and construction.

The seminar also provides opportunities for central and local agencies to exchange solutions to promote and attract tourists to geological parks; Solutions to promote propaganda and training on raising public awareness; Solutions to the management, construction and development of the Vietnam Geological Park are sustainable according to UNESCO criteria.

The workshop was held from 22-24/11 at the provincial Convention Center on live and online, with participation from ministries and branches at the Central Level, UNESCO's Office in Hanoi, UNESCO's National Committee on UNESCO Vietnam, national and international experts and UNESCO's Global Geo-parks and potential Geo-parks in Vietnam.

3.  International exchanges of Members of UNESCO Global Geological Park.

Signing of a Partnership between UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geological Park Management Board (Vietnam) and UNESCO Mudeungsan Global Geological Park Management Board (Korea).

The global Meeting of UNESCO Geologic Parks has a volcanic geological heritage and volcanic caves in the UNESCO Global Network of Asia-Pacific Geology Parks.

4.  Practical Survey of UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geological Park

International scientists participating in the conference Field Survey of Volcanic Cave System Dak Nong and destinations in UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geological Park./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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