Many solutions for tourism development have been proposed

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(Binh Phuoc Portal) - In order to support tourism industry to recover development, the nationwide online conference on Tourism 2023 with the theme "Vietnam Tourism Development is Fast and Sustainable" took place on the morning of November 15, 2023. The meeting is chaired by Mr. Pham Minh Chinh - Prime Minister.
Attending conferences at Binh Phuoc provincial locations is led by the President of the Provincial People's Committee -Mrs. Tran Tue Hien and heads of the related departments, boards and branches.
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The conference was tied online across the country
Currently, about 40,000 tourist enterprises contribute to economic development in the country and undertake employment for domestic workers. For 10 months in total, the industry received 10 million international visitors, serving 98.7 million domestic visitors. Total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND 582.6 trillion.

However, tourism still has some restrictions. Tourism products are yet varied, appealing for some tourist markets in a new context. Tourism promotion and promotion activities have not guaranteed the requirements for the frequency and coverage of key markets, national size and scope.
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The president of the People's Committee - Tran Tue Hien attended at the  Binh Phuoc place.
At the conference, business and experts presented various solutions: specific policies for tourism needed; Increasing air connectivity in key markets. The State should adjust the electric prices of tourist accommodation establishments from the electricity and service prices to the electricity prices of production and land use tax incentives of tourist establishments and help travel enterprises in overcoming difficulties; The issue of promoting the domestic and international travel media; Visa policy changes facilitated the development of tourism...

At the conclusion of the conference, the Prime Minister - Mr. Pham Minh Chinh appreciates the comments made by ministries and branches; Professional and business. These are important basis for the government to take measures to develop a sustainable tourism industry in the near future.

In order to develop sustainable tourism in the coming period, the Prime Minister recommended, tourism and localities, that they efficiently exploit the natural, historical and cultural conditions of the country in developing tourism. Each local business should create its own.
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The Presidents of the provincial People's Committees- Tran Tue Hien and the heads of the concerned services, committees and branches attend the conferences at the  Binh Phuoc provincial 
The Prime Minister- Mr. Pham Minh Chinh shall assign the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to work at the planning for tourism development; Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance in studying price management; The policy on uniformly open visas; Increasing air connectivity in key markets. In the same way, to coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Training, the concerned ministries and branches in formulating training strategy for training in the development of tourism human resources, and managing tourism at different levels. With regard to the Vietnam Tourism Association, there should be a strengthening of the coordination links with other associations, other units and organizations in order to enhance the diversity of travel connections.

The presidents of the People's Committees of all levels shall have to play the roles in directing and directing the socio-economic development, especially in the tourist field, according to the state motto, the enterprises and the people accompanied in doing tourism./.
Article autor: According to Radio and TV Binh Phuoc Newspaper.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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