VNPT Binh Phuoc Driving Digital Transformation and Building Smart Locality

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(BP Portal) - On April 13, 2021, VNPT Binh Phuoc coordinated with the local government to inaugurate and operate the Phuoc Long Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) with eight contents illustrating socioeconomic development fields. Before that, Dong Xoai IOC and Binh Phuoc IOC were put into operation, in April and September 2020, respectively. This shows that VNPT has helped Binh Phuoc not only accelerate digital transformation and build e-government, but also step up smart locality construction.

Speeding up digital transformation

Mr. Nguyen Truong Tung, Acting Director of VNPT Binh Phuoc, said VNPT has accompanied local authorities and people to foster information technology application in socioeconomic management and operation for years. By July 2019, the above relationship had been raised to a new plane when VNPT Group and the Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee signed a cooperation agreement on smart city construction in 2019-2029.

Accordingly, VNPT built telecom and IT infrastructure, especially high-speed transmission lines for the province; reviewed electronic procedures; built a center for monitoring and operating e-government and e-commerce; participated in high-quality human resource training; advised the province to make better mechanisms and policies; and supported resources and solutions for the construction of Binh Phuoc Provincial Data Integration Center.

VNPT has coordinated to complete connections and routings for 310 agencies by installing fiber optic transmission lines, terminals and specialized routing systems; deployed application software and public email system with 6,954 mailboxes, bringing the rate of emailing public employees to over 85%. From this background, the province directed concerned agencies and localities to accelerate the progress of administrative procedure reform (up to now, over 90% of administrative procedures have been resolved through online public services of Level 3 and Level 4) while automatically linking the province's socioeconomic reporting system to the Government's reporting system.

Fostering IT application on synchronous and modern infrastructure has also helped change governance quality and serve education, health, tourism and security fields. All indicators relating to essential fields are updated quickly, clearly and transparently for effective management and administration of the local government.

Huynh Anh Minh, Vice Chairman of the Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that, supported by VNPT, Binh Phuoc successfully realized many IT application tasks, thus enabling quicker and smoother connectivity and interactivity between the masses and the government, and between businesses and relevant agencies. All levels of government can grasp every need, and collect people's feedback on public service quality.

Building smart locality

“Building Binh Phuoc into a smart city, fully employing strengths of both sides” is one of key cooperation contents between VNPT and Binh Phuoc province.

To carry out this content, after defining key solutions, based on the available application platform that matches the smart city architecture framework, VNPT focused on smart city project in Binh Phuoc to create an open ecosystem, gradually integrated services into the smart city architecture framework, thus building an application ecosystem by creating practical utilities for participants. After more than one year, VNPT completed the Binh Phuoc smart city construction project in the 2020-2025 period, with a vision to 2030, and coordinated with local authorities to run three important items.

On April 28, 2020, VNPT coordinated in operating the Dong Xoai IOC and integrated five main features: Smart camera system, public feedback reception system, smart urban lighting system, online public service software system and GIS technical infrastructure management planning system. After six months of operation, the center received 600 responses and settled 469 responses (96.19% satisfied). Some urban streetlights were integrated and operated with smart software. The online public service system helps people look up online records, helps authorities monitor public service delivery and transparency. Over 97% of records were delivered in time.

On September 25, 2020, VNPT coordinated in inaugurating Binh Phuoc IOC with 10 functions: Monitoring and administering socioeconomic data reporting and processing; monitoring performance of the government and public services; supervising and administering traffic safety; security; public interaction and communication; supervising and administering health and education sectors; land management and use, construction planning; cybersecurity, information security, press information, social networking and smart travel. After more than two months of trial operation, Binh Phuoc IOC receives more than 150 pieces of feedback via petitions, calls and messages every day on average.

Most recently, on April 13, 2021, Phuoc Long IOC was put into operation, connected to the Binh Phuoc IOC data system. Phuoc Long IOC reflects an overview of all aspects of socioeconomic development, helping local leaders easily grasp general situations to make prompt directions and task assignments.

Needless to say, IOC construction is one of key solutions to accelerate digital transformation and e-government construction towards a smart government. In the coming time, Binh Phuoc will continue to drastically direct stronger digital transformation and boost socioeconomic development. The province will also consider adding fields for administration at IOCs such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, labor, insurance and social security; establish in-depth data analysis directly led by provincial leaders to enhance performance and change traditional management methods. In addition to jointly developing mobile networks and fiber optic cables in border areas, including the installation of surveillance camera systems, VNPT will continue to improve and develop IOC functions, including the IOC application for leaders to manage key issues such as daily, monthly and quarterly reports on socioeconomic indicators./.

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