Bringing the image of Binh Phuoc with many potentials to Chinese investors

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(Binh Phuoc Portal) - The delegation of Binh Phuoc province led by Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee - Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong has just completed a business trip to China from 26/05/2024 to 31/05/2024.
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Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Binh Phuoc Provincial Party Committee- Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong and Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee - Mr. Chu To Duc Attended the talks.

The seminar took place in 6 days, the business trip has achieved the set goals and requirements, contributing to the introduction, promotion and bringing the image of land and people in Binh Phuoc province who are friendly and potential closer to partners and businesses in the two provinces of Shandong and Fujian, China.
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Mr. Dieu Phi - Deputy Mayor of Quanzhou (Fujian) introduced and donated traditional local handicrafts.
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Leaders of Quanzhou city (Fujian) and business associations expressed interest in investment opportunities in Binh Phuoc province.

On this trip, Binh Phuoc successfully organized 2 investment promotion conferences with the attention of a large number of businesses in the of Shandong and Fujian provinces. Thereby, introducing and promoting the image of Binh Phuoc province with many potentials and advantages to attract Chinese businesses to invest in the province in the coming time.

Leaders of Binh Phuoc province affirmed their determination to build a friendly, safe, public and transparent investment environment; continue to review preferential policies, create the most favorable conditions for businesses to invest in production and business; build a mechanism to accompany businesses, support and dialogue regularly with businesses to be able to solve difficulties and problems.
Shandong province is one of the important lands of the origin of Chinese civilization, long history, rich culture, famous for the name “homeland of Confucius, land of ritual”. Shandong is also home to many great Chinese thinkers and military such as Mencius, Mac Tu, and Sun Tzu. Shandong has an area of 157.100 km2, population: 101.2 million people. Since 2007 to present, the total economic volume of Shandong province has always held the 3rd position of China after Guangdong and Jiangsu. In 2023, Shandong GDP reached 1.278 billion USD, GDP per capita reached 12.636 USD.

In addition to 2 investment promotion conferences, leaders of the province also has meetings and talks with leaders of Shandong province, leaders of Fujian province; leaders of the cities of Jining, Qingdao (Shandong province), Quanzhou, Xiamen (Fukien province); Vietnam Business Association in Shandong province.
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Shandong Province (China) has a developed highway network with 8.400 km.
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The ancient city gate outside the Confucius Temple.

Through the initial working sessions to establish a friendly cooperation relationship between Binh Phuoc province and the governments of the two provinces of Shandong and Fujian, open up many cooperation opportunities, towards the implementation of many practical measures to further promote the cooperation relationship between the two sides, especially economic cooperation, business connection, people’s diplomacy...

Fujian Province has an area of 124.000 km2, a permanent population of 41.88 million people. Fujian has strengths in industries such as electronics, automobile manufacturing industry, software, consumer goods, textiles, building materials, industrial park construction, seaport construction and operation. Vietnam’s agricultural products and industrial materials such as rubber, some minerals of Vietnam are loved by the Fujian market; Fujian products such as electronics, household appliances, communication, cars, motorbikes... are suitable for the Vietnamese market. Fujian’s private enterprises have great potential, have a long tradition of trading with outsiders, and are in great demand for finding investment destinations abroad.

This business trip, the delegation also visited, worked, connected, established relationships, oriented cooperation with potential partners and enterprises such as: HAOHUA Group (Weifang City, Shandong Province), Hua Feng Group (Futian City, Fujian Province) and many partners, enterprises, business associations in Shandong and Fujian provinces...
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The delegation of Binh Phuoc province completed a business trip to China.
China’s business trip in localities is a measure to concretize and implement high-level common awareness between the two parties and two countries, especially the Joint Declaration on continuing to deepen and enhance the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, building a future-sharing community with strategic significance Vietnam - China.

According to Radio-Television and Binh Phuoc Newspaper
Translator: Ms.Thao

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