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(BP Portal) - Binh Phuoc, a province in the southeast of Vietnam, is 120km away from Ho Chi Minh city and is an integral part of the southern key economic region of the country. The province shares a 258.939 km borderline with the Kingdom of Cambodia. With an efficient transport system, Binh Phuoc serves as a bridge between Cambodia’s northeast provinces and the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The province is becoming more and more attractive to investors in industry, commerce and services.

Interregional Transport networks

Interregional transport networks play an essential role for Binh Phuoc province’s economic development, when they all run efficiently, they will help raise productivity levels and attract local and foreign investors. Therefore, a series of important transport connectivity such as: the expressway of Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh - Dak Nong; the railway project of Di An - Hoa Lu; National Highway 14C connecting Dak Nong with Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, and Long An; Ma Da bridge leading to Long Thanh airport (Dong Nai province) is going to be executed in Binh Phuoc. These roads/transport infrastructures paralleling together with DT741 road, National Highways 13 and 14 help create a continuous transport network that connects provinces and cities in the region, and the Kingdom of Cambodia as well.

Interregional transport networks play an essential role for Binh Phuoc province’s economic development, when they all run efficiently, they will help raise productivity levels and attract local and foreign investors.

Recently, Dong Phu - Binh Duong route has been under construction. Moreover, some transportation routes passing through material zones, production areas, consumption markets and other industrial zones have also been upgraded. Besides, there is a system of wharves, inland ports, and overpasses at some intersections. All of the things mentioned above will offer huge advantages in forming connections among deep-water seaports and airports, and boosting trade cooperation among provinces, beneficially expanding the import and export business in and out of the country.

Binh Phuoc province has Hoa Lu international border-gate economic zone connecting trade cooperation to the Kingdom of Cambodia

Binh Phuoc has been considered to be an ideal place to settle down due to its fresh air and pleasant atmosphere, and the political security and social order and safety which are maintained. Binh Phuoc has a total population of about 1 million people, nearly 60% of them are at the working age. The locals are neighborly, hard-working, ambitious, well-educated and highly skilled.

“A strategic goal of Vietnam in general and Binh Phuoc province in particular is developing Binh Phuoc province into a modern industrial center and continuing to strongly attract FDI into the key economic region in the South…”.


In addition to 13 existing industrial zones (IZ) with a total area of nearly 4,700 hectares, of which 6 industrial zones are 100% occupied; 7 industrial zones have an average occupancy rate of 38%. It is expected that 4 new industrial zones with an area of about 10,000 hectares will be built to serve investors. Each district, town and city has at least 2 industrial clusters and Binh Phuoc province will have 40 industrial clusters with a total area of 1,600 hectares by 2030. The province has more than 600,000 hectares of natural land, of which 2/3 is for agricultural production, and more than 20 types of important minerals. The agricultural development and animal husbandry are both being encouraged in the direction of innovation to form a high-tech agricultural centers of Vietnam.

As a light spot in the development of "E-Government" in our country, (Binh Phuoc is being supported by the Government. The province has been encouraging investment with a very competitive tax rate compared to other regions.)
The government provides great care and support for Binh Phuoc, encourages investment with a very competitive tax rate compared to other regions.
Particularly, Binh Phuoc has determined the 2 mottoes: “2 fast actions; 3 good actions" (Fast site clearance, fast implementation of investment procedures; good policies, good infrastructure, good sentiment) and committed that: ‘Always be in companion with investors and business community”.

Thanks to the beautiful natural landscapes that the Creator has bestowed, the this place is also a land rich in historical traditions, together with cultural diversity of 41 ethnic groups living together. Therefore, Binh Phuoc province promises to create many investment opportunities in for ecotourism and source tourism… Besides, 3 localities below with the extremely beautiful natural landscapes will be very interesting destinations for investors.

Dong Phu - A gateway with plenty of open ground for development

Dong Phu District has over 93,445 hectares of natural area, equal to 13.63% of the total area of Binh Phuoc Province, and 0.28% of the total area of the country. Dong Phu indicates a strategic position in which there are two major roads - National Highway 14 and inter-provincial road DT741 passing through. These two major roads are considered as the arterial roads connecting Dong Phu to/with the Central Highlands of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.

Suoi Giai lake, Tan Lap commune, Dong Phu district with calm water and quiet green space - an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world

Dong Phu district has dramatically changed. Industrial development, commercial development and service business development have been extremely healthy. The technical infrastructures for traffic and electricity have been invested synchronously and interrelatedly. With two industrial zones and four industrial clusters, Dong Phu district attracts thousands of workers every year. 

According to the development orientation to 2030 and a vision to 2050, Dong Phu district focuses on promoting industry - service - urban developments in order to form the development triangle of Dong Xoai - Dong Phu - Chon Thanh, and placing a high priority on the ecotourism development n the two shores of Suoi Giai Lake.

Suoi Giai lake is located in Tan Lap commune with a total water surface area of about 420 hectares with a length of 15.5 km. The lake was built in 1978 after a barrage had been built to store and supply water for irrigation and daily activities of people in this area.

The lake’s surface water is crystal-clear, clean and still, together with a natural green space which is endowed with an unspoiled beauty and fresh air. The water level still remains stable even in the dry season. There are few people living on the shores of the lake which are surrounded with evergreen trees, forming the gorgeous scenery of nature filled with different species of flora and fauna. Thanks to the natural beauty and the subtropical monsoon climate without big storms and cold winter, this area offers potential benefits for ecotourism development in the hope of becoming a must-visit destination the Southeast Region.

Dong Xoài - A center making a connection among areas in Southern Key Economic Zones

Dong Xoai city is located at the intersection between National Highway 14 and DT741. It is 120km away from HCM City; and 198km from Buon Ma Thuot City (Dak Lak province). Dong Xoai has 16,771 hectares of natural area with a population of over 120,000 people. According to estimates, the urban population could reach 250,000 people by 2030.

National Highway 14 crossing Binh Phuoc province, connecting the provinces of the Central Highlands and Ho Chi Minh city

Dong Xoai city - a major center for socio-econimic development of Binh Phuoc province, situated at the intersection linking up provinces and cities in the Southeast region (of Vietnam)

Dong Xoai city (Class-2 Urban) plays a role as a commercial hub connecting with the Central Highlands; as a regional-level center for commerce, services, health service, education and training in the northeast part adjoining Ho Chi Minh City. In the North, the city lies along the Ho Chi Minh Highway, the arterial road connecting the Central Highlands to the Mekong Delta region. Dong Xoai is endowed with a freshwater lake called Suoi Cam, whose surface water is clean and calm.

Suoi Cam Lake is situated in the center of Dong Xoai city

High-end residential and urban projects have been planned around Suoi Cam Lake

Currently, for the purpose of attracting investment, the city has planned to upgrade the shores along the edges of the lake with the total area of 974 hectares, including local people’s 524 parcels that are mainly used for growing rubber trees and cashew trees and the area of land around the lake and stream which is over 300 hectares.

Suoi Cam lake is located about 300m from National Highway 14 which is between National Highway 14 and Ho Chi Minh - Dak Nong Expressway. The planned project of the lake includes a high-class housing area in combination with resort tourism, a scenic view of evergreen trees and the surface water of Song Be River and Phuoc Hoa Lake. Adjecent to the surface water along Suoi Cam Lake, there are two undeveloped areas of land which are considered potential, including an undeveloped area of land adjoining Phuoc Hoa Lak and Song Be River and another undeveloped area of land alongside the urban areas of Dong Xoai City.

Phuoc Long - an urban area with enormous potential for tourism development

Phuoc Long town occupies a strategic position regarding economy, politics and national security. The town is located on two avenues: DT741 connecting Dong Xoai City and Bu Gia Map District; DT759 leading to National Road 14 to the Central Highlands provinces and Cambodia for commodity exchange. The natural area of Phuoc Long is 119.38 square kilometres which is approximately 1.74% of the total area of Binh Phuoc province and 0.036% of the total area of Vietnam with a population of about 61,000 people.

Ba Ra Mountain tourism project has almost completed

Phuoc Long town has favorable conditions for growing cash crops and fruit trees. It is a prominent example in order to promote agricultural production using advanced technology and develop the food processing industry for the purpose of export and developing agriculture processing industry to export. Thanks to the investment in upgrading the administrative center and building a new urban area, the town has become more and more thriving and modern.

Ba Ra Mountain - one of the three highest peaks in the Southeast region, located in Phuoc Long town

According to the development orientation of Binh Phuoc province, Phuoc Long town is one of the important localities contributing to the development of commerce, service and tourism. Especially, eco-tourism development will be the top priority because Phuoc Long has not only a large Thac Mo lake, but also Ba Ra - a sacred Mountain which is 723 metres above the sea level, relatively steep and strongly uneven terrain. The flat terrain around the foot of the mountain offers an opportunity to create a system of services for the public.

Ba Ra Mountain is one of the three highest and most mejestic mountains in the Southeast region. It is the place where lots of historic evidence and stories about the bravery of our soldiers in iconic historic events are recorded. During the time fighting against the French and American invasion, Ba Ra is a secure military base for the revolution. It also is a picturesque and famous landscape. This is the place where The National Mountain Climbing Tournament named “Conquering Ba Ra Peak” takes place annually. Ba Ra mountain is embraced by Song Be River together with Me Waterfall, Mo Waterfall and the diversity of plant species in it’s the forest which is listed in the national Special-use Forests.

The temple on the peak of Ba Ra mountain - known as a sacred destination for heritage tourism

The tourist area has been planned with a total area of more than 1.200 ha. Of these, a Special - Use Forest of over 854 hectares. The project to build up Ba Ra Mountain Tourist Site in combination with eco-tourism and areas for entertainment at Thac Mo Lake occupies 331,3 hectares.

With advantages in natural and social conditions along with spectacular scenery, Binh Phước is becoming an ideal place to live, work and study, and an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors as well./.

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