Ethnic Affairs Board

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Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, Tan Phu ward, Dong Xoai city, BP province
Tel: (+84) 02713.887.375
Fax: 02713.887.375

* Board of leaders

Director :
 Maly Phước
Vice Director: Nguyễn Lương Nhân

* Position and Functions

- Board for Ethnic Affairs is a specialized agency under the supervision of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC); functioning as state management agency on the fields of ethnic affairs in the province and some other duties according to the PPC’s authority in order to contribute to ensuring the unity in managing ethnic affairs from central to province.
- Board for Ethnic Affairs is under guidance and management on organization and personnel of the PPC, specifically the Chairman of the PPC, as well as specialized guidance of Committee for Ethnic Affairs.
- Board of Ethnic Affairs has legal status, its own seal and account.

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